Monday, September 21, 2009


Let's see how fast Liddia can move! Let's see how much she can cram into the week!
This is how I've felt for WEEKS! We have been so busy latley. It's ridiculous and I know it's only going to get worse.
Last week.
Mon grocery shopping. This was awful. We were both dead tired and didn't want to do it. But when there is no food in the house, you don't have much choice.
Tues. PhD student dinner. This went fairly well considering I knew only one person in the room and I call him my husband.
Wed. Nothing Thank Goodness!!
Thurs. Ian went out. I stayed at home and did my own thing
Friday. Kohls.
Sat. Dinner and play with that guy I call husband. Then we went to a really awful party one of the grad students in ian's program threw
Sun. Work. blah. Then more laundry. I swear it's all I do!!

This week.
Mon and Tues. Regular work at Seneca then 3 hour shifts at Venables. :P Good news is that Heros premiers tonight!! yay!!
Wed. Ian's going away thingy with work. I'm sure he will be staying much later than Owen and I!
Thurs. I'm going out with Jen. I think we will be getting Katie her baby shower gifts. Maybe dinner?
Friday. Nothing.
Sat. Baby shower
Sun. work again.

And I'm sure next week it will be similar.
Sheesh. I went to bed at 9 last night because I was falling asleep watching our movie. My alarm went off at 5:35 this morning. I got out of bed at 6:06. HOLY CRAP!! I freaked out. I said it's 6:06!! Ian said 'I'[m up!!" I threw off the covers and did the fastest get ready routine of my life!! Owen and I were out the door, on time, at 6:30. Thank goodness I didn't have Ady there to get ready. I would have never made it!!
I just need more time in the day for sleep!!

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