Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last Friday we took off for Spooner Wisconsin to meet up with my parents, who were renting a cabin there. Ian, Owen, and I were going to stay until Sunday afternoon and Ady was going to stay the rest of the week with them and then return to Indiana for another week before coming back home.

It was just what the Doctor ordered! I was in desperate need of an actual weekend. Not just a Saturady off from work.
We arrived at the cabin around 7:30 and went straight to the beach for a fire and brats. Yum! Then we headed back to the cabin to get settled in and let mom and Rob get their hands on Owen!
We talked about the plans for Saturday and headed for bed. Owen didn't sleep too well that night so I was up with him a lot that night. Boo.

Saturday came quick and we all got up and ready to spend the day fishing with the guy that owned the cabin. He also owns a bait shop, plumbing shop, and I think a hardware store in town. We met up with Rick around 9 and headed for Lower McKenzie Lake. Once the boat was in the water and we were under way, Rick asked Ady if she wanted to drive! She jumped at the chance! She did a great job of getting us to our fishing spot!

Almost as soon as our lines hit the water we were pulling up Bluegill! I think Ady caught the first fish. She was so excited about it! We eventually spread out and Ian was fishing off the back of the boat and Ady colored some great pictures of fish.

When it was lunch time, Rick fired up a propane cooker of sorts and deep fried some fresh bluegill, french fries and biscuits. It was all very very good!
By 1:00 we had caught our 125 limit of fish..or was is 150? One of the two. We headed back to shore and planned the rest of our day. Ady wanted to swim and the guys....well, they had a whole mess of fish to clean!

After getting Owen changed and fed, we headed down to the lake! Ady had a great time playing with the rafts and other toys laying around the beach but what she really want to do was go to the swim dock and jump off of it. I hadn't put on the bottom to my swimsuit, so I wasn't going to take her out there (well that, and the fish swimming around my legs creeped me out!!). I told her she had to wait for Ian to get done with the fish and come down to the lake.
Ian finally came down and he just ran down the dock and did a cannonball into the water. Ady loved it! Ian had heard that she wanted to go out to the swim dock so he was trying to get her to swim out to him. She refused. I believe her exact words where similar to this:
'I have a little headache. I'm going to stay on my raft and paddle over'
We couldnt believe she said that! What a thing for her to say!
After swimming for quite a while, we all needed to get back to the cabin and shower away the fish smell and get ready for dinner with Rick and his wife. They live in the cabin next door and Rick was going to cook up some more fish for us. We ended up with fish, hush puppies, french fries, and very delicious biscuits filled with homemade cherry jelly. The french fries and the biscuits were my favorite parts!
At some point during the night, the boys decided to meet up again at 6:30 IN THE MORNING to do some more fishing!! Crazy! I was very happy to decline and sleep in!!

Ian and Rob were up by 5:30 to go fishing. Ian is not a morning person so I found it rather amusing when the alarm went off he put his arm over me for a second then said, "well, time to get up' and the threw the covers off and jumped out of bed! Very amusing to me!!
I got to sleep until 8 or 8:30 and that was wonferdul. Mom and Ady made breakfast and woke my up when it was ready. After that mom and I packaged up the fish and I got mine and Ian's things gathered up. The guys were late getting back because the fishing wasn't so good that day. We ate a lunch of steaks (made Ian very happy) and then it was time for Ian and I to get on the road since we needed to go to the Cities and get Ian's new bike.

Ian was like a kid at Christmas when he gets that one toy he'd been begging for all year long. We got the bike and Ian had a rack and metal petals put on it. Then he rode around the parking lot while I got Owen loaded back into the car.
We finally make it home. I was tired and didn't want to go to work on Monday. Oh well. Thats life. It was a good, but way to fast trip!

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