Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, last week I interviewed for the library job. I didn't get it. They called me a couple of days later and told me that they went with a woman that had 5 years management experience. That didn't really surprise me. I knew going into the interview that not having any management experience would be my biggest problem. Oh well. In the end, Ian and I knew that the money wouldn't be enough to make it worth our while.
I have a second interview this Wednesday for some seasonal tax accoutning help. If I get it, it would be nice to be employed for 4 months! The biggest problem is that the interview in on Wed. We leave for IN on Wed. Oh well. We can't leave until after Ian's final exam is over (5 hours long!!) so I don't think we will get on the road before late afternoon. That's ok by us this year. Hopefully the babes will sleep most of the way.
Ian is wanting to make plans for a trip to Alaska this summer since we haven't been back there since we left in early 2007. We are hoping we can all go but after looking at ticket prices, it doesnt seem likely.
Our Christmas shopping is all done. I have a couple of things left to wrap but I'll leave that for Monday when the kids are at daycare! I will also be doing to majority of our packing on Monday too!
Well, that's about it. For those of you in Indiana, we will see you soon!!

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