Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Everyone take a deep breath!

See that title? That's what I need everyone to do for me. Everyone I know is flipping out over the weather and maybe a nasty BioChem final. I understand why everyone is worried. There is a nasty-several-days-long storm headed our way and chances are that we won't be out of town before it hits. But, we are prepared. We have everything we could possibly need. Water, check. Shovel, check. Food, check. Lots of warm clothes, check. Salt, check. Lighter, check. Fire starter, check, and the list goes on from there. You see,  I married me a grew-up-in-the-bush-of-Alaska man. He was taught well about living out there where you have to do everything on your own. I may be the better driver, but in a pinch, he's pretty good to have around! :) What? You thought I married him for his good looks?

Today we leave. Yay! It's finally here. The car is almost packed. Only the last minute tolietries and such are left. I've dropped Ian off for his final and gased up the car and washed the windows and the headlights (the rest of the car could have used it, but really what's the point). Now I need to pack toys for the kids, Owen's food and bottles, and the bathroom stuff and it's all done. Then I will have to try and take a nap. I already know I won't be able to, so, I'll watch 'Die Hard' instead. It's a great Christmas movie! :)

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