Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Turkey Report

Thanksgiving has come and gone now. I think it was a success. I spent many many days (weeks perhaps?) preparing for that big meal and our company.
Ian's sister, Bruck, Nick and their baby Ezra arrived late Tuesday evening. We quickly got dinner on the table and we all dug in to a great meal of seafood peanut thai curry. Ady quickly ate her dinner and wanted to play with her cousin. But she changed her mind when she realized he wasn't going to go anything she told him to do. He was just going to play with her toys and make a mess in her room. At one point that first night, I was helping Ady pick up that mess when she heard Ezra climbing the stairs. She starts yelling at me, 'Levi is coming! And he's going to get my toys! And destoy my room!! Don't let Levi in my room!" I just laughed and laughed. Levi is a one year old little boy that Ady goes to daycare with!
Wednesday Bruck and I spent a lot of our day cooking. That was exhausting! But I wanted as much of the food already prepared as possible. Since Nick had never been here, and is also a scientist, a trip to Mayo was in order. We bundled up all the kids and took off for downtown. We showed him around some of the Mayo buildings and then grabbed a very late lunch at a greek place downtown.
Earlier in the day I had declared that I wasn't going to make dinner that night so Bruck and Nick offered to prepare some fish that night. They went off to the store and came back with Swordfish. None of us had ever had it before but our meal of fish, salad, fresh greenbeans, and rice turned out to be very good.
After dinner we all loaded up into the car and went the Lights of Bluff Valley. It's a drive through lights display. Ady narrated the whole way for us, which made the trip even better. Owen and Ezra slept through it!
It was late to bed for all of us that night!
Finally, Thanksgiving Day.
The day started off fairly quiet. by 10 I had gotten my turkey out of the brine and roasting in my turkey roaster. Before I knew it it was time to get all the side dished heated up and our two guests had arrived for dinner. Dinner went well. The food was all good and we all left the table feeling very stuffed.

I'll admit it, I was very nervous about this meal. Ian's sister and I haven't always gotten along in the past, but this year, things couldn't have gone better. It was a great meal and a great holiday with lots to be thankful for!

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  1. Congrats on the First Thanksgiving. I too made dinner but luckily mine was a bit easier, ham w/ baked sweet potatoes and greenbeans. Hopefully if you come home for christmas we might be able to get together. I love reading your blog on here as well as the recipe one. Let me know if you are in need of some news recipes cause I'm always collecting.

    Miss you Lots