Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life's little update

Mara is somehow 8 weeks old now. My time off work with her has flown by. Mara is a wonderful little baby and is so east going. She will usually go to sleep by 11 or so and she sleeps until 5:30. I think that will work out ok.
Monday I go back to work. I'm ready. I'll certainly miss all my cuddles and snuggles with Mara, but it will be nice to be working again. There have been some major changes at work since I've been gone so it's sure to be interesting !
Ian has been awesome while I've been on maternity leave. He gets the kids up every morning and gets them ready for school/day care. I would have been lost without him this time! I just hope it keeps up when I go back to work on Monday
Mara and I went to the doctor today so I could have my final exam with the midwives. She said I'm looking fantastic and I've healed well. I only have nine pounds to go to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. But i'd like to looses bit more than that! While I wa there she put an IUD in for me so no more babies for this momma! Although Ian is already talking about number four. Heck he was doing that when Mara was only minutes old!

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