Thursday, July 15, 2010

Letting the cat out...

..of the bag.
I've gone back and forth with this alot, trying to decide if I want to post about this particular subject. In the end I decided I would (obviously).
Owen is a year old and I'm still carrying around a good 10-15 lbs of the weight that I gained while pregnant with him. (Thats what I get for gaining 40 lbs with him!!) I'm sick of it and sick of not liking what I see when I look in the mirror. Plus we are going on a cruise in 142 days and I am determined to be wearing my bikinis and formal gowns from our cruise two years ago.
I've been reading  Heir to Blair for a couple of years(??) now. I found her blog when we were both pregnant and due in June on a popular site, Anyway, she too was having trouble with the baby weight and she decided to go with NutriSystem to loose that weight. She even started writing Monday postings about it called McFatty Mondays. This system works. I've watched her drop the lbs.
I've tried the route of just working out and it wasn't cutting it for me. It's rough stuff to get time to workout when I am either working or at home with two kids that, as cute as they are, don't give me two minutes peace, let alone enough time for a workout.
So, I talked to the hubs and he said 'ok, try it if you want but it will make you cranky'. I signed up, ordered my food and now I'm waiting on it to arrive. It should arrive today and then on Monday I will join McFatty Mondays and the world of NutriSystem.

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