Monday, July 26, 2010

1 week down and 5 lb gone!!

I have survived my first week of the diet. I don't think I fared too poorly either. I'm down about 5 lbs. Great start but still have a ways to go.
The food isn't too bad. I really liked the vegetable fajita. Too bad I only ordered one of those! I had two 'non-diet' meals this week. One day I got the rare chance to meet the husband for lunch and then one night I made the family meatloaf for dinner and I just couldn't pass up homemade meatloaf for what I had. But I filled up on my veggies and didn't go over board.
Today will be interesting as well since co-workers are taking me out for lunch since I'm being laid off until mid-October and this is my last week. But again, I will be good and avoid the stuff that I know is really awful for me.
So, down 5 lbs. I don't really notice it. Bummer. I hope the rest of the month, the weight comes off just as easily.
Our elliptical broke for the final time a few weeks ago and we haven't had the chance to look for a new one yet. Going shopping with Ady is near impossible and she is to have a play date this week, so the plan is that while she is playing, we can take Owen and shop for a new 'torture', I mean exercise, machine!

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