Friday, April 2, 2010

Because I said I would

I promised my mother in law that i would post something tonight since her son is out on the town with friends tonight. When this is done, I must must finish our tax return. How ironic is that? I make my bread and butter right now doing other people's taxes and our return isn't finished yet! And there are only 12 days left to file! But really, it's isnt my fault. Our federal return is done, but we couldn't finish up the state on until our property tax papers got here and they just showed up on Wed.
We got this new computer, our old one died after many years of hard service, and right now the new one is pissing me off. When i hit 'enter', instead of going to a new paragraph, it moves my cursor to the start of my post. Grrr!
Really, moving on this time.
Owen is growing so fast. I believe he weighs around 25 lbs now. I haven't gotten him to the dr, but thats what the bathroom scale is telling me. We are making another trip home in early May and mark my words, that boy will be walking by then! He is so proud when he stands up! And still adorable in every way.
Ady is still, and I'm sure always will be, a pistol. ALWAYS talking. Our neighbor even commented on it last night while I was grilling our dinner. She loves shopping (uh-oh) and dresses and having her nails painted. She's a girly girl that loves to play in the dirt and get filthy.
Thats about all really. More compliments to me on a job well done at work today. I have every finger and toe crossed that my company will hire me on full time and pay me enough that I can actually breath some again.
So yeah, that it, for now..
Until next time.
 Maybe one day i'll get on here and put up some pictures.

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