Saturday, October 17, 2009

What this girl does when her husband is in Chicago

Well Ian left for Chicago this morning. He won't be back until Thurs afternoon and then he has a study group that evening. Ick. The first couple of weeks of him being in the PhD program have spoiled me. He wasn't gone late, studying all the time, or doing homework. It's starting to pick up now. It seems like there is a study group for his Chemistry class almost every night. Again, ick. Luckily, Ian thinks the same thing.
So while Ian is in Chigaco at his Neuroscience conference I'm at home, holding down the fort and caring for 2 kiddies. We all got up early this morning to get Ian to the airport for his 7:45 am flight. Then Ady and I got to come home and clean house. Owen got to watch us and take naps. Lucky lil booger! :) After HOURS of cleaning I started making dinner. My favorite "Ian isnt around to eat with me' dinner. Beef cube steaks with mushroom gravy, mashed potatos, corn, and crescent rolls. It was yummy. Then it as bath time for Owen and Ady drew some pictures and headed off for bed!!
Now I'm trying to relax and not focus so much on Ian not being here (you know, this is the first time we've been apart since we got married!! I'm not a fan.) I plan to take a shower, read my newest Cooking Light magazine (full of Turkey day recepies) and then call Ian if I haven't heard from him. I figure by then I'll be more then ready for bed.
Ok..what else is going on this week. LOTS!
On Monday Ady has dance. She loves it but I"m burnt out. We are on the fence about enrolling her for the next session.
Tues I have a second interview with Reichel Foods. I really hope they offer me the job!
Wed Owen has a Dr appt. He will have to get shots. I'm curious to see how much he weighs now!
Thurs. I FINALLY get to pick Ian up at the airport. Luckily it's at 1 pm, so fairly early. YAY!
I know. It's only five days but that really sucks when you're used to someone always being there!

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