Friday, September 3, 2010

The weight is gone

I've carried this weight around with me for the last year and a half. Today, it all came off! In one quick second. I recieved the phone call Ian and I have been hoping for since he quit his job to pursue his PhD. In a couple of weeks, I will start working again. I will have a full time, benefited, salaried position.
As soon as I got off the phone I sat on the couch and cried. I packed the kids up and ran to town to drag Ian out of his lab so that I could tell him face to face. (No way could I wait until he got off of work tonight!) I scared the poor guy. He thought something was wrong. The last time I told him I had to talk to him, I had to deliver bad news. This time, the news couldn't have been better.
Soon, my family will no longer have the stress of only half of the income that we are used to. We will be back to what we became comfortable living on. There will again be a real savings account (that we won't pull money from to replenish our checking!!). We will save for trips. We will be able to think of actually doing things again without worrying about the money side of things.
I'm so glad that weight and stress is gone!!


  1. Congratulations Liddia. I should get a job. We have $50 in our bank account atm and don't use credit cards. We're sinkinggggg!

  2. If only you lived closer Coop! i'd put your name in for my old job!! Start looking and try the temp agencies! Good luck!

  3. Oh congrats!!!!!!!!!!! You rock! That is awesome!! I am so happy for your family. I hope you are celebrating right now!