Thursday, January 21, 2010

Before I read the blogs I follow...

I feel I should update my own. Not that anyone would notice....
I've started a new job. I like it there. I've been very busy and there is a chance it could go permanent. At least, that's the feeling I get. They had good benefits so getting on permanently would be great! And we wouldn't have to worry about money so much anymore.
The kids are good. Owen teased me last week by sleeping through the night a couple of nights. We are back to him waking up though. Around 1 or 2 for a diaper change and maybe a small bottle and then he will fuss later on in the night.
Thats about all that's going on around here really. Things have been busy and it's been rough getting up in the morning and adjusting to working full time, but it's all really great too!


  1. Hi, Liddia! It looks to me like you have plenty of fans out here. I even see that you have a fan in Scandinavia. We miss you all.

    Love, MamaCare